Estia Boutique Hotel in Old Town, Rhodes Island

Our Boutique Hotel

Estia Boutique hotel is a reflection of the word of its exact meaning in ancient and modern Greek. It`s meaning ‘home’ which has an ancient origin of the goddess Hestia.

The goddess of hospitality and essence of home. During your stay, we will treat you with the same traits of Estia. Feeling comfortable and at home.



Our hotel like most properties in the Medieval Town is a structure of combined architectural cultures. It features mainly Hellenistic neoclassical components where you can also see a bit of an Italian and Ottoman trace.

The main building that is outstanding the most, was first constructed in the 18th century and later on renovated by us between 2016-2019.


ESTIA is situated in the heart of the Medieval Town of Rhodes which is a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE that is designated as one of the best preserved mediaeval cities. As located at the western part of the Medieval Town, there are two ways of reaching us on foot.

D`Amboise Gate (As you enter the gate you follow Orpheus Road which leads you to the Suleyman Mosque. Once you pass the mosque you turn right to the Ippodamou Street.Walking through, you take the second right and at the end of the street you find us.


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Useful Distances

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