Transportation - Estia Boutique Hotel in Old Town, Rhodes Island


Arrival from the airport



We suggest that upon arrival, you get a taxi as it is the fastest and easiest way to get to the hotel.

It costs approximately 30€ to either of the two gates (D`Amboise / St Athanasios) which are closest to the hotel of the Medieval Town. Please contact us for better prices.



There is a bus in almost every half an hour which has a 2.60€ cost from the airport to the central bus station which is 5 minutes walking distance to the D`Amboise gate.


Rental Car

If you wish to rent a car during your stay, we will gladly help you to arrange one for you. Just inform us in time since it can be difficult to find a car of your choice in high season.

Agencies can also be found in the airport and also in the city. However on your first arrival it can be confusing and complicated to find the right gate and a parking spot therefore we suggest the two other options for transportation. Our suggestion for parking and entering the castle would be through the St Athanasios gate which is next to the St Francisco Church.


Arrival from the Port

We suggest you to take a taxi to either of the two gates(D`Amboise / St Athanasios) which will cost you around 10€
There are no busses from the port. Book your ferry tickets and Travel to Rhodes!

Please inform us of your exact arrival time to one of the gates, so we can help you with your luggages and guide you to the hotel

If you chose to take a taxi, let the driver call us 306955704134 and we will be there to welcome you at the D`Amboise Gate.